Conifer hs 2 Conifer High School
12th Grader: Michael Mosey
On: Precision Prep
The Precision Prep course I went through helped prepare me for taking the ACT test. It gave me clear examples of what to be prepared for and the range of difficulty that I needed to study to get my desired score. The different tasks and practice English and Reading sections were very similar to what was on the actual test, and I feel it assisted me in achieving the score that I got.
Conifer hs 1 Conifer High School
12th Grader: Dylan Fox
On: Precision Prep
I spent probably hundreds of hours studying for the SAT, but nothing really helped me as much as the Precision Prep course. The class work didn't need me to make any more space in my schedule, and fit well with what we were already learning. And, the immediate feedback was easy to understand and broke down what I needed to work on. Overall, Precision Prep was instrumental in getting me my score.

College Readiness

Personal Milestones Based on SAT/ACT Benchmarks

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Helping Students Identify Their Needs

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Pin-Pointing Knowledge Strands and Mastery Levels

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Student Instructional Supports

Tools & Resources Tailored To Learning Priorities

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SAT/ACT Preparation & Instruction

Our Mission to "Help Move Every Student As Far As They Can As Fast As They Can" binds us to every parent's central concern - the visible movement of their child toward college readiness.

Our SAT/ACT preparation approach - Precision Prep - provides a visible trajectory of a student's progress toward SAT/ACT goals.

SAT/ACT Preparation, Precision Prep

Precision Prep is an innovative after-school instructional service provided by licensed teachers. It supplements a student's school but is accountable directly to parents.

Precision Prep follows a process that allows students to measure and track:

1) their use of SAT/ACT test taking strategies.

2) their indivudalized learning priorities in relation to the SAT/ACT benchmarks.

In turn, school administrators/teachers monitor the individual and collective SAT Prep needs of their students.

SAT Prep need not be disassociated with existing teacher/student relationships. Precision Prep allows parents to be the funding source for the additional capacity needed for a school to be fully engaged in their students' SAT preparations. Precision Prep provides the measurement tools and methods for student/teachers/parents to work together in getting every student to perform her best on these tests that can determine her next step in life.  

Learn about Our Precision Prep Toolkit

A Teacher-Inspired Prep Service



For two consecutive years teachers at Conifer HS showcased "Competency-based Instructional Methods" and their impact on student growth (Conifer's Story Below). These methods allow teachers to help each student

1)  objectively measure her needs in terms of the SAT/ACT benchmarks.

2) reflect upon her needs and identify the learning milestones that represent meaningful steps toward her particular SAT/ACT goals.

3) attain each personalized milestone and preserve evidence of mastered competencies.

Whether a student exceeds grade-level expectations or has fallen below them, the learning focus always falls within her SAT/ACT "growth zone." Rather than being reminded where she stands relative to peers, the student sets expectations of herself and grows as far/fast as she is able. 

The outcome is a permanent trail of accomplishment and a visible growth trajectory toward SAT/ACT goals.

Recurring assessments provide students immediate feedback relative to College Readiness benchmarks. Dashboards inform student learning priorities, preserve evidence of mastered competencies, and depict the distance and velocity of the student's growth.
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Whether a student exceeds grade-level expectations or falls short of them, learning priorities are dictated by individual needs, keeping every student in a place of maximum growth at all times.
Instructional aids, resources, benchmarks, and assessment tools are organized online to help anchor the focus to the student's learning needs and growth objectives.
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Approach, Offerings, & Costs

Precision Prep draws students into a personal cycle of measurement, self-reflection/analysis, milestone identification, and mastery. (See Process Below)  The process, itself, teaches students how to take ownership of their data and accept responsibility for producing evidence of the competencies that affect their data. And the process is transparent to parents/guardian so they can monitor and support their student's movement toward their high stakes testing goals.

SAT Test Prep: (Conifer HS Administered. Register Now)

  • SAT Testing Strategies 
  • 3, 2-Hour After-school: Pre-assessment, Workshop, Post-assessment
  • 12/7 Access to Online Assessment Tools Until SAT Test
  • $150 per CHS Student (FRL eligible students are subsidized.)


Instructional Offerings

  • Mathematics | English Instructional Blocks 
  • 12 Hours of Instructor-guided Workshops. Needs Assessment, Plan Development, Instruction
  • 12/7 Access to Online Assessment, Planning, and Instructional Support Tools
  • 3 Months of Instructor Monitoring
  • $210 per Instructional Block
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Supporting School Success

Conifer adopted an approach (Depicted below) to introduce "Competency-based Instructional Methods" to their students without intruding on the classroom responsibilities of staff.  School time is set aside for students to analyze their needs and work on the milestones of their individualized college readiness plans. As an after-school offering, Precision Prep reinforces the in-school program by helping students with their plans and increasing their pace toward their SAT/ACT goals.

While the school's staff focuses on helping students, as a whole, meet grade-level expectations, Precision Prep focusses on helping students, individually, work toward SAT/ACT goals. The two processes are different, but complementary.

School and Precision Prep function as independent, but mutually supportive, partners.
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The Conifer Story

Spring 2016, working with Precision School Improvement LLC, Conifer introduced a non-grade seminar for students needing improvement in their high stakes test scores. Conifer adopted the methods/tools described above.

School Results:

  • ACT Reading score grew by 10% from previous year to 23.9.
  • ACT English increased 8% to 23.8.
  • Language/Composition AP pass rate increased from 39.6% in 2015 to 60% in 2016.
  • Math & Science were outside the scope of Conifer's project and these scores showed a slight decrease from previous year. 
  • Staff can monitor the school's movement, as a whole, toward its test score goals. (Sample Dashboard Below)

Precision Prep helps schools overcome capacity contraints, allows passionate teachers to increase their value to the community, and gives parents the college readiness roadmaps they need to have for their kids.

Over 1200 SAT, ACT, and CC benchmarks inform the cells of our Competency Model. As students assess their needs, their data are aggregated. School growth is monitored in real time to inform administrators of their school's movement toward performance goals.
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