A network of experienced education and business professionals committed to bringing authentic performance improvement practices to Students, Teachers, Schools, and Districts.

Our Mission
Help Teachers, Schools, & Districts Move Every Student As Far As They Can As Fast As They Can
Our Funding Vision
Every school should secure the funding assistance it's entitled to receive so it can implement the improvements their students need most.

Grant Funding Assistance
Our CDE relationship helps us stay abreast of funding opportunities for the schools we serve.

Diagnostic Review and Action Planning
Up to $50,000 is available to Title 1 Focus Schools and Title I Schools with a Turnaround or Improvement plan, to provide resources and support for a Diagnostic Review and Action Planning process.

 Review Precision's Approach to assist recipient schools. 

Colorado School Turnaround Network
This program strives to accelerate student achievement for select schools through targeted support, resources, and flexibility. The Network uses a framework to support schools in developing a rigorous improvement plan that pushes on four research-based conditions to improve school performance and student achievement. Network schools make targeted investments in the following areas: culture of performance; academic systems; talent; and operations and district support. Participating schools will receive access to specialized professional development, including participation in intensive principal coaching through a partner organization, as well as quarterly network events.

Tiered Intervention Grant 2017 RFP
This Grant is designed to support districts with chronically low performing schools in the lowest 5 percent of achievement (Title I Priority Schools) as indicated by state assessments. The intent of the grant is to provide funding to partner with CDE in the implementation of one of the seven intervention models provided in the draft guidance for the use of federal Title I funds. Approximately $3 million is available for distribution. A request may be no less than $50,000 or more than $2 million per year over the two-year grant period for each participating school.

Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP)
This grant provides districts and schools with the opportunity to partner with faculty from the science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) departments in institutions of higher education. Partnerships must include STEM faculty in institutions of higher education and at least one "high need" local school district.

Connect For Success
This grant is available to Title I schools with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan to implement effective structures and strategies, and providing quality instruction to meet needs of minority students, students experiencing poverty, students with disabilities, and English Learners.

Read Ignite Literacy Program
This funding opportunity is designed to embed the essential components of supplemental reading instruction into all elements of the teaching structures for kindergarten up to sixth grade in eligible Title I elementary schools.