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Student Instruction:
Our instructional program, Precision Prep, has Parents, Students, & Teachers working together on individualized learning plans.

Conifer hs 2 Conifer High School
12th Grader: Michael Mosey
On: Precision Prep
The Precision Prep course I went through helped prepare me for taking the ACT test. It gave me clear examples of what to be prepared for and the range of difficulty that I needed to study to get my desired score. The different tasks and practice English and Reading sections were very similar to what was on the actual test, and I feel it assisted me in achieving the score that I got.

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Helping Students Identify Their Needs

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Precision Prep: A College Readiness and Instructional Service

What is Precision Prep

Precision Prep is an after-school instructional service for students and parents. It's based upon the principle that student's grow fastest when their needs, not pre-determined expectations, dictate their instructional focus. Schools strive to help students meet grade-level expectations. They do not have the time and resources to simulateously have teachers be driven by the particular learning needs of every student.  Precision Prep allows passionate teachers and parents to independently help students move toward college readiness along a track based upon their needs, while strengthening school success as well.


Teacher-Inspired College Readiness Service

Despite the advance of online educational tools, learning remains a uniquely personal process. Research confirms that students perform best when they are guided by a professional educator who can team up with a guardian.  This is the foundational principal of Precision Prep.

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For two consecutive years, teachers at Conifer HS showcased "Needs-driven Instructional Methods" and their impact on student growth (See Conifer's Story Below). These methods follow a process whereby teachers are "pulled" by each student's needs, in contrast to them "pushing" grade-level expectations upon their students in the classroom. And when parents turn to tutors, they traditionally do so to push their kids a little harder to achieve these expectations. 


But we know that students grow faster and move farther when their needs, not pre-determined expectations, dictate their learning priorities. We also know that when a student's needs fall below, exceed, or are outside of classroom curriculum, then frustration and discouragement results; growth slows.


Schools today don't have the time or resources to move, as a whole, toward its goals and, at the same time, align the instructional priorities of every teacher to the learning needs of every student - the practices and tools are fundamentally different and there's only so much time in the school day. The good news is that many teachers have the time, and passion, outside of school to do the latter. Precision Prep harnesses the energy of passionate teachers, provides them the tools, and empowers them to help move students toward college readiness using authentic needs-driven mehtods. 


Precision Prep Instructional Blocks

  • Mathematics and/or English student assessment, planning, instruction, and guidance.
  • 12 hours of instructional time in a workshop setting.
  • 3 month monitoring of student progress relative to individualized growth plan milestones.
  • 24/7 access to Precision Prep online assessment tools, planning tools, and resources.



  • $210 per 3-mth instructional block.


The Precision Prep Process

  • Authentic continuous improvement cycle of measurement, targetted instruction, and incremental mastery (View Process Below)
  • Focus on Mastery Levels,  Knowledge Strands, & Milestones. Not classroom demands. (View Dashboard Below)
  • Orientation meeting. Student ownership. Evidence preservation. Guardian engagement.
Prep process slide
Recurring assessments provide students immediate feedback relative to College Readiness benchmarks. Dashboards inform student learning priorities, preserves learning evidence, and allow student, parent, and teacher to monitor both the distance and velocity of student growth.
Student dashboard 2
Whether a student exceeds grade-level expectations or falls short of them, learning priorities are dictated by individual needs, keeping every student in a place of maximum growth at all times.
Instructional aids, resources, benchmarks, and assessment tools are organized online to help anchor the focus of both student and teacher to the learning needs and growth objectives of the student.
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Supporting School Success

Conifer offers a template (below) for introducing "Competency-Base Instructional Methods" into a school without intruding on classroom responsibilities of the staff, yet increasingly inform the staff of the evolving needs and accomplishments of students who are enrolled in Precision Prep.

School and Precision Prep function as independent, but mutually supportive, partners.
Prep approach

The Conifer Story

Spring 2016, working with Precision School Improvement LLC, Conifer introduced a non-grade seminar for students needing improvement in their high stakes test scores. Conifer adopted the methods/tools described above.

School Results:

  • ACT Reading score grew by 10% from previous year to 23.9.
  • ACT English increased 8% to 23.8.
  • Language/Composition AP pass rate increased from 39.6% in 2015 to 60% in 2016.
  • Math & Science were outside the scope of Conifer's project and these scores showed a slight decrease from previous year. 
  • Staff can monitor the school's movement, as a whole, toward its test score goals. (View Dashboard Sample Below)

Precision Prep helps schools overcome capacity contraints, allows passionate teachers to increase their value to the community, and gives parents the college readiness roadmaps they need to have for their kids.  (View School Dashboard Below)

Over 1000 SAT, ACT, and Common Core benchmarks inform the cells of the learning model. As students assess their needs, their data is aggregated. The school's growth, both distance and velocity, is monitored in real time.
Aggregated dashboard