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Precision Prep Vision Using teacher inspired methods, teachers reclaim their voice and livelihood on behalf of their students and schools.
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12th Grader: Michael Mosey
On: Precision Prep
The Precision Prep course I went through helped prepare me for taking the ACT test. It gave me clear examples of what to be prepared for and the range of difficulty that I needed to study to get my desired score. The different tasks and practice English and Reading sections were very similar to what was on the actual test, and I feel it assisted me in achieving the score that I got.
What One Student Liked About Precision Prep

College Ready

Focus on ACT/SAT Benchmarks

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Working on Standards-base Growth Plans

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College Prep Tutoring By Licensed Teachers
Spring 2016: Conifer High School piloted innovative ACT/SAT-based student monitoring practices to support the school's UIP focus on Reading & English. That summer, Conifer’s Junior class delivered the highest state assessment score level for Reading & English in the history of the school.

  • The school’s ACT Reading score grew by 10% from previous year to 23.9.
  • ACT English increased 8% to 23.8.
  • For Language/Composition, Conifer’s AP pass rate increased from 39.6% in 2015 to 60% in 2016.
  • Yet, Math & Science were outside the scope of the project and these scores showed a slight decrease from previous year.  

This success triggered the launch of Precision Prep, a teacher-led after-school tutoring program for students with college in their future.   

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What Is Precision Prep?
Precision Prep is a teacher-led tutoring program conceived by teachers who, using an innovative approach, wanted to help their students get ready for college and perform their best on the ACT/SAT's. Their approach is a better, cheaper, and more sustainable alternative to popular "Test Prep" classes. 


Better:   The focus is on growing students relative to ACT/SAT benchmarks - not merely testing strategies/techniques. Objective growth indicators are always visible to students and parents.

Cheaper:  Parents routinely pay over $500 for Test Prep classes that produce no objective indicators of a student's actual readiness.

More Sustainable:  It's a continuous improvement process involving the school's teachers and students at all grade levels; versus the "Hail Mary" option that Test Prep firms offer 11th graders.

Our vision is to help teachers reclaim their voice on behalf of their students;  independent, yet supportive, of the educational system to which they belong; and, in contrast to Test Prep firms that skirt root issues pertaining to college readiness.  

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Testimony:: A Student's Opinion of Precision Prep
Testimony:: What One Student Liked About Precision Prep
Teacher Benefits
Precision Prep gives teachers a means to supplement their income while fulfilling their passions as educators and supporting their school's successes.

Their tutoring focus shifts from helping students do their homework to helping students grow, as measured by the same benchmarks that their students' college readiness will ultimately be based upon. 

Precision Prep is also developmental for teachers. The methods/tools reinforce teacher understandings of student performance benchmarks and will elevate their conversations with students, parents, and each other. 

The toolset they use allow teachers to analyze the quality of their own assessment proficiencies and help them quantitatively monitor their professional growth as standards-centered educators.

Student Benefits
Students are taught by teachers who already know them. Personal growth plans guide tutoring priorities and every student maintains a data dashboard indicating his/her growth needs.
  • Needs assessment feedback is instantaneous and defined in terms of ACT/SAT benchmarks.
  • Learning resources are relevant to the benchmarks, the growth priorities of each student, and the student's in-school experiences.
  • Precision Prep strives to create a seamless connection between every student's standards-based performance improvement needs and his/her in-school learning experience.

Student's Benchmark-centered Dashboard

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Pm dashboards

Students create plans that focus on specific benchmarks and mastery levels based upon their unique needs. Student, Teachers, and Parents monitor growth in real-time.

School Benefits

Cost: zero.  Risk: zero.  Potential Benefit: transformational.

Schools can introduce innovative standards-based methods without incurring the cost, and perhaps facing the resistance, that operational change often involves.  As the conversations among students, parents, and teachers begin to change and as the benefits of these methods/tools become visible, schools can easily transition them in-house.