Experience Matters
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Dr. Mary Lindimore
Managing Director, Precision
Former Colorado State Director of School and District Support for National Center on Time & Learning. Oversees all school and district contracts, provides supports to diagnostic review teams and improvement planning processes in schools.
Sorvig 36da31654a36724084a0f651389cdee4679a7cd1409c0fadf06bc15bfaf787e1 Dr. Carol Sorvig
University Professor and Supervisor for Teacher Candidates, Former District Induction Coordinator, Clinical Professor for CU PIE program. and Staff Developer/trainer, Retired Elementary Principal and SPED specialist.
Article:  Including Parents In Title 1 Schools
Article:   Second Language Learners Writing Collaboratively
Barker 974543737576b08955a208b58d41353fcb570af1a2e235c56d07e69afbff5444 Linda Barker
National Board Certified Teacher, Montana Teacher of the Year, Former Manager of the Advocacy and Professional Practice Center of the Colorado Education Association. Recognized state/nation wide for building coalitions among educational agencies such as State Board of Education, Colorado Education Initiative, Colorado Department Education, Colorado Workforce Business & Education Council.
Taylor e3a7672c0acb858c397ca663c9281b463af18879498a6d2ba2b2355a549a553a Dr. Karen Taylor
Former University School of Education Faculty, DPS LEAP Program Peer Observer, and Administrator in Jeffco and Adams-12 Five Stars Public Schools for two highly impacted high schools.
Kudloff 6f9d03650ab763053b9544b2b1c05e2b48d44c0271f144e265b80c7782e98ccf Leigh Ann Kudloff
Leigh Ann teaches Math Methods at the University of Denver as part of Denver Public Schools' Denver Teacher Residency Program. She represents Jefferson, Gilpin, and Boulder counties on the Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board of Directors.
Colby 7c2133a90715a5cb243bfcad96ace7e7eb7f539375b3d20cea7c1cf385c8ae6d Jill Colby
Former Executive Director of the Jefferson County Administrators Association, a professional organization that serves principals and central administrators. Former Jr/Sr High School Principal.
Stotts 4dff66b0ae6eb2cfe97b36e537ac39c03b68b78751cc28502772df7576a70959
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Brian Stotts
Teacher Advisor
Fourteen years as a teacher, instructional leader, technology capacity builder. Presenter at 2013 Learning Forward National Teachers Conference. Specializes in assessment and the development of methodologies to use school-based data to drive instructional priorities.
  Pitfalls of the Error-Free Classroom