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In order for students to meet their greatest potential, we must tailor the learning experience to the needs of each student.

"To get to equity you have to allow student agency.

To get to agency, you have to implement Personalized Learning.  Personalized learning leads directly to agency."

- P3 Team Members Meg McCormick and Danna Ortiz

"Personalized learning isn't about tech - The key is giving students the decision-making tools they need to shape their own learning experiences."

- Edutopia

Precision can help teachers and educators to co-design a classroom experience that:

  • Finds innovative ways to address each student's barriers to learning

  • Meets the needs of students farthest from learning

  • Focuses on learning and competency development instead of seat time

  • Gives students opportunities to explore their passions, understand their identities, to learn from their mistakes and to own their learning

  • Creates a culture where adults and students understand and respect their unique backgrounds, gifts, and challenges, thereby enabling learners to work in their own style, at their own pace, toward their own goals

Precision can help educators and students to create authentic, relevant  learning experiences that meets students where they are while building the skills to take charge of their learning.   We can also help to leverage time, space, technology and community to improve both the learning process and outcomes.

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