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"Research from the NWEA has projected that current school closures could result in major declines in student learning.  The preliminary estimates found that some students could return in the fall with less than 50 percent of the typical learning gains."

- THE Journal (Transforming Education Through Technology) 4.21.20

Why restore the status quo,

which wasn't serving all children well?

Unprecedented times bring unparalleled opportunity to redesign the school experience to eradicate systemic inequities.

In planning to re-open their schools in a few months, leaders must examine every aspect of the school day—from classroom spaces and schedules to staffing, curriculum, dramatically smaller school budgets, and hybrid learning to addressing trauma and learning gaps .

Precision can help:

  • Facilitate deep conversations to develop a road map for transforming ideas into reality

  • Gather cross-functional teams to explore why and how to return to school differently with reopening scenarios 

  • Examine your system and identify existing problems and new challenges that must be addressed

  • Engage your community to envision a new future and help teachers and students co-design learning experiences that address learning barriers and focus on meeting learners where they are, deep learning, mastery and building agency

  • Strategically test, implement and refine prototype using data and metrics

  • Adjust your school schedules, learning environment, and/or pedagogy to accommodate new physical distancing and hygiene requirements. 

  • Leverage technology and the school community to meet the needs, interests, pace and preferences of every learner - anytime, anywhere.

  • Find funding opportunities and write grants




  • Healthy, safe environment

  • Creative partnerships to increase physical distancing options

  • Experiential learning

  • Adaptable, flexible use of time and space to promote personalization

  • Everyone has voice

  • Extended time for projects and collaboration



  • Reconnect, build partnerships + mentorships

  • Active role in school design and decisions

  • Help virtual people feel they're part of the tribe 

  • Students and teachers can access global communities

Expand Teachers' capacity so there is more time for:

  • Building relationships

  • Strong classroom culture

  • Deep learning

  • Flexible teaming

  • Cross-disciplinary projects

  • Collaborating

  • Working with experts

  • Personalized professional development

  • Relevant, collaborative,  applied learning

  • Standards-aligned, research-based

  • Progression upon mastery

  • Universal design for learning

  • Technology deepens the learning experience 

  • Authentic assessment that informs instruction