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Denver, Colorado 80206

Holistic Diagnostic Reviews and Improvement Planning

We specialize in school performance diagnostics and improvement planning.

Our School Diagnostic Reviews are typically performed in relation to "Colorado's Standard Indicators for Continuous School Improvement." More generally, our reviews can be based upon over 130 pre-configured research-based performance indicators for Schools and/or Districts.  For grant or internal evaluations we can also use a district defined rubric and set of indicators that is provided or that we develop collaboratively with a school or district team.

Our Approach allows our team to gather between 350 and 400 indicators of performance in just 2 days. Uniquely, we revisit our schools to conduct a follow-up Progress Monitoring Review to help school leaders determine if they are on the path of continuous improvement.

Our process ensures inter-rater-reliability and helps illuminate root causes. Our Findings inform the school's performance improvement planning process.  Precision can facilitate this work or give guidance to the school or district team.