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One School's Instructional Focus

All students will show measurable growth in their ability to read, respond, explain, and justify open-ended responses in all content areas using multiple sources. Teachers will hold all students and staff accountable by implementing research based strategies that support open-ended responses. Successful student learning will be measured regularly through summative and formative assessments that are aligned with established rubrics  for grades K-2 and the PARCC rubric for grades 3-5.


Why is the instructional focus and the action steps non negotiable for all teaching staff?

Planning helps a school chart a course for the achievement of its goals. The process begins with reviewing the current operations of the school and identifying what needs to be improved operationally in the upcoming year.


Planning involves staff collaboratively defining the results that the school wants to achieve, and determining the steps necessary to arrive at the intended destination -- student success!


The school teachers have worked to intentionally examine the past work of the school and have used those results to inform their plan for the current school year. This reflection has resulted in three action areas. The leadership team believes that implementing the their three areas of focus will result in significant academic gains in both achievement and growth for ALL students.

 Instructional Focus

Why develop an instructional focus?

It is easy to become “bogged down” by the minutia of these huge transformations and lose sight of our instructional vision for our school.  

Jacob Hiatt Magnet School

Worcester, MA

The key to success is to develop and follow through with a high-leverage Instructional Focus; this Instructional Focus will act as a beacon to organize your school’s actions around various initiatives and the true work of increasing student achievement.  Identify your true NORTH STAR!