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Dr. Mary Lindimore
Managing Director

Former Colorado State Director of School and District Support for the National Center on Time & Learning. Mary is an experienced Middle and High School Principal, and a former Elementary Turnaround Support Director.  Mary is a published author in science education who has spent more than half of her career in highly impacted schools.  Mary oversees all school and district contracts for diagnostic reviews, provides supports to diagnostic review teams, and directs improvement planning processes in schools. She also facilitates strategic planning, oversees curriculum development and the improvement process for schools and districts. Her passion is master scheduling and she is an expert at providing leadership teams tools and ideas to make their instructional goals possible.

Ms. Linda Barker

Team Member

National Board Certified Teacher, Montana Teacher of the Year, and Former Manager of the Advocacy and Professional Practice Center of the Colorado Education Association. Recognized state/nation-wide for building coalitions among educational agencies such as State Board of Education, Colorado Education Initiative, Colorado Department Education, Colorado Workforce Business & Education Council.  Linda is an experienced team member and support person for diagnostic reviews, facilitation, workshops and improvement planning.

Ms. Margaret McCormick

Team Member

Former Director of Innovation for the Imaginarium, Denver Public Schools' Innovation Lab. Former Elementary School Principal, School Administrator for Turnaround Schools, and Teacher Coach. Meg has experience and is skilled in professional development design and facilitation, curriculum design, social-emotional best practices, design thinking, strategic school design, personalized learning, competency-based education, and expeditionary learning. Meg is an experienced facilitator, coach, and school leader.  

Ms. Jill Colby

Team Member

Former Executive Director of the Jefferson County Administrators Association, a professional organization that serves principals and central administrators. Former Jr/Sr High School Principal at one the state’s highest performing schools and at school that supported students with high needs. Jill is an experienced team member and support person for school schedules, coaching, facilitated workshops and diagnostic reviews.

Ms. Leigh Ann Kudloff

Team Member

Curriculum mathematics specialist for two large school districts. Past Board of Directors and Conference Chair-Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Noyce Math Mentor--University of Colorado at Denver. Former Adjunct Professor University of Denver; Taught Math Methods at the University of Denver as part of Denver Public Schools' Denver Teacher Residency Program. Leigh Ann's passion is to improve and insure quality instruction and engagement in math classrooms. 

Ms. Maya Lagana

Team Member

Experienced education professional with a track record of data-driven decision-making, consensus building, and collaboration.  Maya is experienced with the charter school authorization process, the charter and innovation renewal process, and has developed accountability and performance reports for a large portfolio of schools. Maya believes in a community driven process, and she provides school support to assist schools in their expansion efforts.

Ms. Danna Ortiz 

Team Member

Former Strategic Resources Manager for Denver Public Schools' Innovation Lab.  Danna uses the innovation process to catalyze improvement to systemic challenges in education. She is a results-oriented manager with over twenty years of experience leading multi-disciplinary teams in innovation and sustainable design.  Danna is an experienced facilitator, strategic planner, and coach.  She is skilled in strategic school design, community engagement, data analysis, design thinking, personalized learning, and change management.

Dr. Carol Sorvig

Team Member

University Professor and Supervisor for Teacher Candidates, Former District Induction Coordinator, Clinical Professor for CU PIE program. and Staff Developer/trainer, Retired Elementary Principal and SPED specialist. Carol is an experienced team member and support person for executive coaching, diagnostic reviews, facilitated workshops,  and improvement planning.

Dr. Karen Taylor

Team Member

Former University School of Education Faculty, DPS LEAP Program Peer Observer, and Administrator in JeffCo and Adams-12 Five Stars Public Schools for two highly impacted high schools.  Karen has expertise in both Special Education and Career and Technical Education.  Karen is an experienced team member and support person for workshops, diagnostic reviews and improvement planning.

Ms. Anne Keith

Team Member


Montana Teacher of the Year, Presidential Award Winner for Excellence in Math & Science, National Board Certified teacher in Early Adolescence Mathematics, former K-5 instructional coach, middle school math teacher, K-5 Principal and K-12 Interim Curriculum Director. Anne is skilled in designing engaging professional learning experiences for PK-12 educators around a variety of topics. Her expertise is in K-8 math instruction including designing standards based teaching & learning classrooms, using fair grading practices and growth mindset research to develop students’ affective domain of learning.

Ms. Diane Mayer

Team Member

Experienced literacy expert  who has an approach, which is a direct, explicit, multisensory, structured, sequential, diagnostic, and prescriptive.  Can demonstrate effective ways to teach literacy. Diane has vast experience as a Reading Interventionist. She has provided extensive teacher training, conducted workshops, and presented at many conferences in the United States.  She is the President of the Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  She is also a Fellow with the Orton-Gillingham Academy.  She is passionate about educating others about the science of reading instruction.  

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