Tscox Laurel Elementary School
Principal: Tommi Sue Cox
On: Diagnostic Review
We chose Precision to conduct our Diagnostic Review because of their unique approach and tools. Expectations were exceeded. The analysis was timely, sound, and actionable. And, rather than an evaluation, Precision left us with an empowering improvement process.
Cca mahony portrait Cesar Chavez Academy
Principal: Mary Ann Mahony
On: Diagnostic Review
The Precision School Improvement Team did a great job providing a diagnostic assessment of our school. The feedback was well received by our faculty, and led us (with Precision's help) to develop a meaningful Unified Improvement Plan.
Frank deangelis Columbine High School
Former Principal: Frank DeAngelis
On: Peer Observation
Time-In-Learning provided our teachers with the insight and expertise needed to transform our instructional practices in order to meet the changing needs of all our students.
Tonelli Columbine High School
Teacher, IL: Tom Tonelli
On: Peer Observation
Time-In-Learning methods have fostered dialogue between members of departments and has shaped curriculum and practice. I can say from personal experience that nothing in my twenty years of teaching has had a more powerful impact on what I do in my own classroom.

Diagnostic Review Evidence

Rose Hill Elementary

Rh evidence 1

UIP Development Workshops

We Tailor The Process To School Circumstances

Uip handbook cover

School & District Performance Improvement Services

We "Help Move Every Student As Far As They Can As Fast As They Can" by assisting schools and districts embrace continuous performance improvement practices.

Classroom Peer Observation

We believe that authentic continuous improvement disciplines must be embedded in every classroom, because this is where student growth is impacted the most. Properly designed classroom observation practices produce data that teachers embrace as their own. Data is gathered for developmental, not evaluation, purposes. Data is objective, research based, organized for analysis, and immediately actionable by the teacher.

Precision's observation approach focuses on how time is utilized in the classroom. Our methods quantify, and paint a picture of, the teacher's use of best-first-instruction strategies, and organizes their data in a way to support self reflection and improvement planning. We work with each school to implement a sustainable observation process that teachers embrace. 

Our innovative classroom observation approach and tools were presented at the 2013 National Learning Forward Conference and recognized by the Colorado Education Association because they were devised with and for teachers. Learn more about our Classroom Observation Toolkit.

Teachers are often surprised by how they make use of time in their classrooms when they shown the data by their peers. Teachers embrace and can immediately act upon their data because it's objective and not evaluative. Research tells us which strategies are most impactful (top bar). And observers capture student engagement levels (bottom bar).
Ctl observation 1
While preserving the privacy of individual teachers, our platform aggregates observation data to illuminate variances across the system. This is a crucial continuous improvement capability and unique to Precision's classroom observation approach.
Observation analysis 1
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Diagnostic Review & Improvement Planning

We specialize in school performance diagnostics and improvement planning.

Our School Diagnostic Reviews are typically performed in relation to "Colorado's Standard Indicators for Continuous School Improvement." More generally, our reviews can be based upon over 130 pre-configured research-based performance indicators for Schools and/or Districts.

Our Approach allows our team to gather between 450 and 600 indicators of performance in just 2 days. Uniquely, we revisit our schools to conduct a follow-up Progress Monitoring Review to help school leaders determine if they are on the path of continuous improvement.

Our Tools ensure inter-rater-reliability and help illuminate root causes. Learn more about our tools here.

Our Findings inform the school's performance improvement planning process, which our team can facilitate.

MSLA: Diagnostic Evidence

Msla students

Cesar Chavez Academy: Diagnostic Evidence

Observation 8thgrade

Rose Hill Elementary: Diagnostic Evidence

Rh grow

Cesar Chavez Academy: Intervention

Intervention evidence

Laurel Elementary: Diagnostic Evidence

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Dr process
UIP Planning workshops are structured, methodical, and tailored to the needs of each school. Diagnostic Findings and relevant resources are organized, online, to guide the process and help the school's team.
Uip km
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School Schedules and Time Analysis

Few structures effect the learning time of every student more than their school's schedule. Too often, these are dictated by needs of adults, rather than a student-centered performance improvement plan. Scheduling is an area of focus for Precision because every school's capacity to achieve its student performance goals is determined, in great part, by how school time is allocated in relation to those goals.

SY 15/16 Master Schedule developed for an elementary school. (Page #1 only)
Sample schedule rh

Advisory Services & Workshops

Performance improvement goals always present new challenges. And sometimes these lie in areas unfamiliar to the educational team responsible for achieving school/district goals. Sometimes the team understands "what" their destination is, but needs help developing the roadmap that will get them there. Precision is a network of experienced educators and facilitators who can help develop the plans, or facilitate workshops, in areas such as Shared Leadership, Cultural Responsiveness, Tiered Intervention, SPED, UIP Development and others.