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"Sixty-five percent of children entering primary school now will ultimately work in a job that does not exist today."

- The World Economic Forum

Empower communities to design healthy, safe and equitable environments where learners are engaged in exciting, rigorous, and personalized curriculum.

North star

of student 


Our schools must fundamentally change if we want our diverse student populations to graduate with skills to succeed in life such as higher order thinking and deep understanding.  Precision helps school communities start with the end in mind, to design environments where all groups of students thrive.   


We help create system changes that promote authentic, sustained relationships among teachers and students, provide effective curriculum and instructional practices, and ensure families are actively involved in schools. 


Look at the system and clearly articulate the problems that must be addressed.


Engage the community to envision a new future for learning and to co-design a new system.


Strategically test, implement, and refine prototypes.

change management

Create long-term buy-in and support for the new system.

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